Rock 'n Roll dancing

Rhythm and blues got its roots from the big band swing era from the 30's and the 40's. Together rhythm and blues and country and western music formed a solid base for what later would be called rock 'n roll music.

The home of this new style of music was in New Orleans where rhythm and blues orchestras accompanied artists like Fats Domino and Little Richard. The birth of Rock 'n Roll as we know it today took place in the mid 50's with white artist like Bill Haley and Elvis Presley.

The DJ Alan Freed for radio station WJW, during the program "Moondog Show" called the music Rock 'n Roll for the first time. He played lots of rhythm and blues on his show for all the young people who were tired of the popular music of the moment.

These kids preferred the 2/4 time with the accent on the last count and the raspy sounding voices and they were crazy about the way the artists looked and how they moved on stage. The movements of the artists became the basic of inspiration for what is called the boogie woogie.

We call it Street Rock 'n roll just like they used to dance in my Mom's kitchen.